IGERT Trip to Wyoming: Day 7

Day 7-Tuesday-Lost Creek Mine: Uranium

Tuesday trek began with a long drive to the Uranium mine, which is situated in its own basin.  This unique geology creates an ideal mining situation because all the rain water never leaves the basin; hence, contamination risk is low.  Additionally, the water before the mine began is non-potable for humans due the high contents of contaminants in the water.  This uranium mine has roll front formations which creates a tricky layout out of the uranium subsurface.  Lost Creek uses gamma and resistivity logs which finds uranium as well as its sister components then uses the more precise and arduous tool, Prompt Fission Neutron tool, to determine the layout of only uranium.  Lost creek produces 2.5 to 4 drums of uranium per day which are shipped out in 50 drum truckloads.  1 drum is equivalent to 3000-5000$.  Lost Creek Mine uranium at .53 ppm grade goes to national power companies only.